Become a luxury floral designer in the wedding industry.

Are you a floral designer, and you feel tired of working long hours and don't see the profit at the end of each event? Don't worry; you are not alone. I have been there.
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About This Product:

Our quick luxury floral design courses have the solution to your problems. We will show you how to make your designs to attract luxury customers.

With this fast learning course, you will implement what you learn right away and start seeing significant profits.

You will attract your ideal client with your design without even talking to them because the style of your floral decorations will do the selling for you.

You will have the opportunity to combine crystals, flowers and lights to achieve a simply fascinating result.

In this fast course, you will discover how to work with hydrangeas, roses and phalaenopsis orchids to set up an elegant table, add details, and use lights to make it look luxuriously finished.

You will learn:

  • What mechanic to use

  • How to condition the orchids

  • Why cut the flower stems before inserting them into the floral foam

  • You will learn to design large and small flower centerpieces.

  • How to decorate the charger plates with rose petals

  • The proper placement of the pedestals and crystals on the table

  • Safely put the centerpieces on the pedestals and vases.

  • What to use to keep the arrangements in place

  • Detailing the table

With all this new knowledge, you will feel confident to design luxury centerpieces, work with your ideal clients, and charge what you are worth.

Program Details

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Designing the larger centerpiece
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Making one of the floral centerpieces.
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Decorating and detailing the table
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Prices & resources
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Bisli Vazquez

My goal is to use all my nature’s living gifts to brighten people’s lives.
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Bisli has been making many people happy for almost three decades and she believes that through flowers, she will be able to express feelings that are sometimes difficult to put into words.
Her expertise in floral and event design has won her awards and the accolades of her peers. As the owner and creative designer of San Antonio, Texas-based planning, floral and event design company, Bisli Event Service. Bisli draws on her fashion, theater, marketing, sales and management background, and unerring talent for creating distinctive and exquisitely beautiful floral designs to make special events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as social events, destination weddings a genuinely memorable experience.
Her event design talents have been the subject of television shows worldwide for conferences, seminars and other events at which she brings her wealth of design expertise to her audience. Bisli drew some four hundred attendees and received high praise from the international event industry during her Amazing Centerpieces presentation in Las Vegas in the Terry Fator
Theatre at Mirage Hotel and the Paris Hotel Las Vegas. Today, her talents are sought-after not only for top-tier weddings but for any event in which a smooth flow and a perfect design are of paramount importance, including high profile conferences and seminars.
Bisli finds her ideal client through her style, showing what she knows best and be sincere and be dedicated have brought her great clients.

When I started my business, I had some ideas but didn't know how to bring them to life. Two good friends who were very good at designing helped me open. I started by investing in an exceptional education so I could solve my clients' problems. 

I paid a considerable amount of money for videos that I watch as many times as I wished. That was my best investment because I was ready when the time came. 

There were few opportunities almost three decades ago; everything was top secret. Preparation and focus brought me my ideal client and helped me stay in the industry. 

Bisli's unique ability to enliven and transform plain, empty spaces into works of art has made her the designer's designer. Bisli's exceptional experience and superb creativity have earned her an outstanding reputation and positioned her in the right place in this global industry.

After almost three decades of making thousands of clients happy with their event designs and planning, Bisli is now opening the doors of her knowledge and experience to share with you as online courses and virtual workshops. Bisli wants to help you avoid guessing what to do, how to do it,  what mechanics is right, how much to charge, and where to buy your supplies, especially during these challenging times. 

Bisli will show you what she has learned during these decades so that you don't have to walk the long, bumpy road of the unknown. I will walk by your side until you are ready. I always say that global event pros are stronger and better together. Let's make your business more robust as a community.

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